Elementis Forms Commercial Agreement with NXTLEVVEL Biochem

GELEEN, The Netherlands and LONDON, UK — (Nov. 30, 2020) – Representing a progressive approach between two sustainable chemistry leaders, Elementis and NXTLEVVEL Biochem have formed a commercial agreement that will enable them to develop, manufacture, and sell a portfolio of biobased products. Biobased chemicals are essential to reducing dependence on fossil fuel-based products and play a critical role in providing products that protect our environment.

NXTLEVVEL and Elementis are gearing up for a launch of two new biobased solvents for the industrial paint and coatings sector in early 2021. These biobased solvents can be used as coalescing agents and replace the use of petrochemical-based solvents in product formulations.

A privately held company headquartered in The Netherlands, NXTLEVVEL is a commercial scale manufacturer of next generation biomass-derived chemicals. As a joint venture formed in 2018, NXTLEVVEL brings together the industrial expertise of the Towell Engineering Group (Sultanate of Oman) with advanced technology developed by GFBiochemicals. GFBiochemicals was founded in 2008 and holds 200 patents for its world leading proprietary technology in bio-solvents, polyols and plasticizers based on levulinic acid.

Levulinic acid is considered a key bio-based building block that enables the production of an extensive portfolio of derivatives. Elementis is a publicly traded global leader in delivering naturally derived additives for paint and coatings, personal care, and energy applications. Elementis is also a leading provider of water-based systems and solutions that replace traditional solvent-based formulations while maintaining performance in application.

“Elementis is extremely fortunate to have identified such a nimble and innovative company as NXTLEVVEL as one of our green technology development and manufacturing partner. Teaming up with NXTLEVVEL enables Elementis to advance our goal of delivering sustainable, high-performance materials for all customers and industry sectors that we support on a global basis faster and better. Together, we have the potential of being ‘game changers’ in the biobased specialty chemicals category,” commented Joseph Lupia, senior vice president for research and development with Elementis.

Through this agreement, Elementis and NXTLEVVEL will capitalize on their respective strengths to launch environmentally sustainable industrial additives that will address customer demands. NXTLEVVEL will develop and manufacture bio-solvents which Elementis will market, sell, and support to the coatings industry in all regions of the world.

“NXTLEVVEL and Elementis are joining forces to bring solutions to address the massive problem of climate change around the world, and it takes highly motivated and passionate individuals with both privately held and publicly traded companies with vision to effect positive change,” commented Mathieu Flamini co-founder of GFBiochemicals and former premier league soccer player. ”GFBiochemicals’ technology is highly innovative, proprietary and, for the first time, allows production of levulinate derivatives at industrial scale. The cornerstone is biomass-derived levulinic acid and its esters, the patented technology from GFBiochemicals that enables the production of biobased solvents and other biobased chemicals.”

“I am especially pleased with how well Elementis and NXTLEVVEL chemists, scientists and project managers have been working remotely together over the past several months to develop and test bio-based raw material solutions for our customers in every region of the world. Our companies are planning now to jointly introduce our first bio-based additives in early 2021,” Luc van Ravenstein, senior vice president of Elementis’ Coatings and Energy business segment said.

For more information on NXTLEVVEL, contact Steve Block, vice president of business development at NXTLEVVEL Biochem, at +1 989 859 2309 mobile or steve.block@nxtlevvel.com

For more information on Elementis biobased solutions, please contact Paul Recrosio, Marketing and Commercial Excellence Director, Elementis Coatings, at +1 412 302 9414 or paul.recrosio@elementis.com

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