Our Products

Our signature products are the NXT SOLV range of levulinates and levulinate ketals, all biobased solvents offering high performance, improved safety and total sustainability. They are REACH registered and are listed on the US EPA TSCA inventory.

NXTLEVVEL products have applications across the chemical industry. They may be incorporated into formulations, used during manufacturing processes or as raw materials for the synthesis of further downstream products such as monomers, polyols, adhesives and polymers. Application and performance data are available to support customer technical requirements.


Levulinate solvents have excellent solvency power. Target markets are industrial cleaning, home and personal care, but also coatings and agriculture. There are strong drivers in these markets to make a shift to biobased chemicals, for example poor safety of incumbents, customers requiring green, more stringent regulations and the desire to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Building Blocks

The levulinates can also be applied as a raw material for the synthesis of further downstream products, like monomers, polyols, adhesives and polymers.

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